Yoga classes that feel good

Mysore and
*Led Ashtanga

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In a Mysore Ashtanga class, each student memorizes the Ashtanga Yoga sequence and comes to develop a daily personal practice with the one-on-one guidance of a teacher. The entire Ashtanga sequence is taught in class over a series of classes. Since each student is taught individually, each progresses at his or her own comfort level.

*Led Ashtanga classes are offered at our Bushwick location, and are part of our regular goodyoga schedule. Simply look for ‘goodflow ASH’. These classes are INCLUDED in the Ashtanga goodintro as well as Ashtanga memberships.


Absolute Beginners should start here.

A five week series:

  • Standing Poses
  • Forward Bends
  • Twists
  • Backward Bends
  • Inversions

If you attend goodintro every Saturday for 5 weeks, you’ll be ready to attend any B or E level class. Poses are taught in a precise manner and questions are encouraged. You will never feel lost in goodintro, no matter how inexperienced or inflexible you may be. Experienced practitioners will find this class therapeutic and well paced for injuries or pregnancy.


Vinyasa Flow
Vinyasa means “to place in a special way,” though in modern usage it has come to mean “moving with breath.” Simply put, each breath will be paired with a movement.


Vinyasa Flow
Our experienced students crave a vigorous flow. Get rosy cheeks, dewy skin and a blissful body buzz with our well-paced vinyasa class.


Vinyasa / Therapeutic
Seems the most common request from our goodyogis of late is for poses that counter “iPosture,” the painful rounded neck, shoulders and ribcage caused by long hours on our devices. Reverse the curse! Embrace your practice with open arms and leave with an open heart.


The key to healing back pain is to build strength in the spine and abdominals. Asanas practiced in this class will help you to gain the support needed for a happy and healthy spine. Regular practice should decrease back pain; it’s as simple as that.


Pilates Fusion
Incorporating Pilates techniques, goodcore emphasizes the role of the trunk muscles in every manner of poses. Your crows will be lighter, your jump backs will be weightless and navasanas will be seaworthy!


Vinyasa / Restorative
Challenge yourself for 45 minutes and reap the reward of deep restoration with supported postures, Essential Oils and hands-on adjustments for the remainder.


Completely passive and seriously luxurious. You’ll forget you have a body after 75 minutes of hands-on adjustments, Aromatherapy and absolute stillness. In winter months, hot stones are used to warm your heart and extremities. In summer months, fragrant Hydrosols humidify the air around you.


Tension melts away as we gradually progress from simple stretches to deeper expressions with more time in each posture than usually afforded. With ease instead of effort, you’ll extend beyond your expectations.