At Goodyoga, we're committed to having a clean studio & sparkling equipment. So, we recently replaced all of our complimentary mats with shiny new black ones. You can say we're Back in Black.

Students love the fact that we provide complimentary yoga mats for practice. Even if you own your own mat, it's much more convenient to just show up at Goodyoga and use a free one instead of navigating the subway and narrow NYC sidewalks with what amounts to a giant people whacker slung over your shoulder. However, in a busy studio like ours, those mats can get worn out quickly.

Every time a student cleans their mat, puts away a prop, washes their cup or takes the time to properly fold a blanket, they are ensuring that membership prices remain affordable.

We wash our studio mats on a weekly basis. Each mat is laid on the floor and thoroughly wiped down (front and back sides) with warm water and soap. For daily cleaning, we ask students to use our disposable mat wipes to clean their mat after practice.

As much as we like cleaning, we can always find some other way to occupy idle hands. Angus can play guitar, Bon can sing, I can keep a beat … maybe it's time we start playing gigs.