Goodyoga does not sell discounted class packs because they are a terrible value. Unlike other studios, our goodx10 never expired, so we solved that silliness, but the issue remained that folks were actually wasting money with the intention to save.

Most goodx10 users didn't finish their packs in a year. They spent more per class than if they had dropped in at full price. Those that DO use all their classes would receive a greater value from our Goodyear, so it simply seemed pointless. Sure, other studios may want to get paid for doing nothing, but our goal is to see you in class at least once per week. 

We know some students are disappointed that we do not participate in Classpass, but our Goodyear Members are elated. You see, the comfort of a familiar community can't be taken for granted. Our Goodyear Members have committed to us and we are dedicated to preserving the service they've always enjoyed.

Goodyoga is committed to community. We welcome one and all. Our value is unparalleled because our members are worth it.