It’s no secret. The most popular time for yoga is 7:30 pm. Folks tend to make time for yoga in the evening after work when they are ready to wind down. However, studies show that ‘morning people’ exercise more consistently with better results. Start your day with a goodmorning.

Seize the adrenalin. In the morning, our bodies naturally have higher levels of hormones like adrenalin which helps us get out of bed. We can take advantage of that extra adrenalin by doing yoga and increasing heathy cardiovascular activity. Before you know it, you’ve got a healthy habit: Rise. Shine. Repeat.

Time to Focus. Exercise has been proven to increase mental focus and acuity for up to ten whole hours post-workout. If you’re squeezing in yoga after work, you’re not taking full advantage of those ten hours, since you’re likely sleeping for most of them. An A.M. workout means that both your brain and your body are in good shape all day.

Weight Loss. If shedding a few pounds is important, it looks like the morning is the optimal yoga time. An early workout has been shown to result in fewer food cravings throughout the day. Perhaps even better, working out in the morning means that your body will burn calories faster and more efficiently throughout the day. Combine that with nutritional foods and you have the perfect workout.

To sum it up … 
Wake up just a little earlier.
Optimize brain and body function throughout the day.
Lose weight more effectively.

ps: goodyoga tends to be less crowded at 7:30 AM, too. Check out our AM goodmorning classes and start your day with more energy!