Sutra 1.14 When that practice is done for a long time, without a break, and with sincere devotion, then the practice becomes a firmly rooted, stable and solid foundation.

(sah tu dirgha kala nairantaira satkara asevitah dridha bhumih)

-Patanjali, The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali


I’ve been asked to write a blog post about my recent travels.

I can’t.

It’s too much.

It’s only been one week.

I still have 117 countries to go. I don’t have time to reflect on the 87 I’ve managed so far.

Besides, I’m HOME now. I want to BE home. I’ve done nothing but sleep, eat and take showers since I’ve been back.

While home, I’m excited to sub for other teachers and get to know the new faces at goodyoga. So happy to see so many familiar faces, as well! I hope that many of you will join me for the goodbodies and goodSutras workshops during October and the first week of November. These are my favorite sessions to teach. Your practice will be transformed. You will be empowered with the same information we offer in our 200 teacher training. You’ll receive highly personalized attention to detailed alignment. Reading the short Sutras with a group over the course of a weekend is truly the best introduction to the defining philosophical text on the practice of yoga.

Join me in Hawaii January 2nd – 30th if you’re ready to jump right into training. Only 6 participants will be included in this incredibly intimate educational experience. 2 secluded houses with complete kitchen and bathing amenities will house us close to both beach and town. We study 8 hours a day for 5 days per week, and explore the Big Island on the weekends. * UPDATE: Only 3 spots left!

And, yes, we still have room on the Kilimanjaro Hike. It’s just a matter of adding porters to our current group of 9…until the permits run out. So time IS of the essence.

Unless I convince myself to head to the Middle East in March, I think July will be our next goodtrip. Bhutan, Kerala and Borneo. We’ll be sending teachers to locations like Jamaica, Cuba, Peru, and Iceland in 2016, as well. What’s your dream goodtrip destination?

Now might be a good time to itemize some answers to the question we always get about our travels…  “How do you do it?”

1. The truth is, we save money by traveling.
New York is expensive. We sublet our apartment while we’re gone and spend that money on travel. In most of the places we travel, our daily rent can cover lodging, food and travel expenses for the day.

2. We use credit wisely.
For a long time we spent only cash. Then we got hip to points. I discovered, and got informed about the best ways to earn and spend credit card points for travel.

3. We work while traveling.
Of course, our business spends much more money than we do as individuals, and, therefore, earns us more points. Our business offers tremendous benefits for our lifestyle. We’re able to work remotely, while our studios collect income at home. There are lots of ways to do this regardless of your field. Check out The Four Hour Work Week By Tim Ferriss for more information.

4. Travel is a write off for our business.
Not everyone wants to travel, but everyone wants more time to do the things they enjoy. Find a way to do it for a living, or to have it subsidized by your career. Think outside the box.

5. We value experiences over objects.
A lot of our friends have houses. We don’t. We think we might like one someday, but we prefer to have the flexibility to move about the earth. A few months here and a few months there. We’re still saving up for a rainy day. We keep our costs down on a day to day basis. We never pay full price on anything ever. When I buy a piece of clothing, I think in terms of versatility and longevity. I sell clothes at Beacon’s closet to rotate the stock and get a return on my investment. Just some examples of how we distribute and prioritize our budget to make travel an accessible option.

Happy to discuss in greater detail anytime. Send me your questions and ideas at
Search for my name on the schedule from week to week and hopefully we’ll meet in class, or join me in a workshop or on retreat.

Be Well,