sutra 11.21, tadarthah eva drsyasya atma
Nature and intelligence exist solely to serve the seer’s true purpose, emancipation

(Translated by BKS Iyengar)

Sutra 11.21 evokes big thought. Let’s review, shall we? According to the Hindu worldview, nature and intelligence were created solely to serve the seer’s true purpose. This ‘true purpose’ is to become unbound by the karmic inheritance of our mental and emotional patterns, known as samskaras, through which we repeat over and over again in our past, present, and future lives. We are undeniably creatures of habit; we create an internal discord which causes suffering. This is one of the elements that define the human condition.

We can use nature and intelligence (self awareness) as tools to overcome suffering. We can see the tendencies of our own patterns and with pure awareness (purusha) we can achieve healthy detachment. Sounds simple enough, but how do we do it?

Yoga is a way to generate insight through both the physical and mental body. Utilizing asanas (poses) and meditation, we clear the mental landscape. These two practices interwoven create a strong foundation that allows us to unlearn all the negative samskaras, enabling us towards healthier patterns.

Nature undoubtedly nurtures, heals, restores, and connects us with our vitality.

The goodpose of April is vrksasana (tree pose). In this shape, one may explore the dynamic connection to gravity, being pulled toward the center of the earth which allows us to stand up straight. Vrksasana sharpens our concentration, focusing at the power center inside of our pelvis. This posture is known to strengthen the spine and ankles, and provides a soft opening of the hips. As we realize the importance of integrating earthly connections, goodyoga has expanded the arena and opened goodnorth, a retreat space on fertile ground where you’ll explore the dynamic connection to the earth and reignite your force field with barefoot walking, yoga, and mental detoxing!

goodyogis, let’s come together with big thoughts and a deep appreciation for nature’s abundance in these coming months!

From my heart to your power source,
Jeanette Keisar