goodfounder Flanney Foster explains her motivation to raise money toward relief in Nepal…

I’ve never been to Nepal, but not for lack of trying. I was prepared to hike to Everest Basecamp in September 2012, but a late monsoon season foiled my plans. As I waited for better weather beside the engorged Ganges in Varanasi, the news was filled with tourists killed in landslides and plane crashes on the infamous us lukla runway. The eventual “shortcuts” we took through the Himalayas in neighboring Sikkim proved just as treacherous, but we lived to tell the tale and dream of Kathmandu for a few more years.

Everest will have to wait. It’ll still be there decades, centuries and eons from now, but the culture of the Nepalese is proving harder to retain. I never got to see the amazing UNESCO recognized temples intact, but we can help rebuild them. As yoga practitioners, the culture of Nepal belongs to all of us and we are all responsible for it’s stewardship.

I owe my sanity and my livelihood to the teachings practiced and preserved by the people of this region. The least I can do is participate in the recovery and continued preservation of this living tradition.

We’ll donate the goodfunds gathered throughout the summer directly to organizations aiding in the recovery of families and infrastructure in Nepal. Please participate in the upcoming good108. If you can’t attend, you can still donate by contacting

$35 can go a lot further in Nepal than Brooklyn, and your sweat will serve as a solidarity offering for all those working tirelessly on the scene.

Thanks for your consideration, your effort and your donations.

-Flannery Foster


HOW can you donate? PARTICIPATE in our good108!!!
Sunday, 2:00pm – 5:00pm, June 21st
114 Greenpoint Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11222
$35 online donation to reserve a spot / Pay-what-you-can in the studio.