Open your heart.
Gentle, yet empowered.

Feel yourself root.
Peaceful, surrounded by patience and trust.

Create and hold safe space.
For yourself.

When you gracefully step onto your yoga mat, do you ever feel the glowing morning dew grass between your toes? Has it ever happened while you’re still waking up in the morning, lying in bed, surrounded by what we have created as our home? Cracks up and down the sidewalks with flowers bursting out, expressing themselves, ‘I am here and accepting sunshine!’ Tree roots, rising and pushing aside the bricks laid overtop on them, ‘I will breathe and be free!’ We are nature, as we weave our way through the patterns we create, similarly to branches intertwining, creating paths through fences, electrical wires and buildings. Creating paths, our lives, in ways we never imagined were possible.

We work to show up for ourselves. Taking steps out into the world, finding our way into our yoga practice, rooting down, and allowing the opening of our hearts to a safe space. We find calmness and quietness, in ourselves and in our surroundings.

A way of rooting into this balance, of finding our rhythm, is by creating a daily routine, or Dinacharya in Sanskrit.

We aim to balance the body through our Dinacharya. Just as the branches continue growing, following the patterns of a fence, we instill wellness for our health by practicing these daily routines. Below are a few of many daily practices you can incorporate into your life.

Invite these routines into your day with realistic expectations and goals to allow for longevity.

Be gentle. As much as we are excited to open up to the month of May, express our Camatkarasana, Wild Thing self, here is your invitation to ground.

Which of these practices appeal to you? Choose the ones that stand out to you, that you can mold into your days. Set an intention of how frequently you aim to do these weekly. Slowly, as these practices become part of your day to day rhythms, you can add on more. Similarly to developing our yoga practice, going further into our asanas or poses, deeper into our breath, we develop a foundation for our Dinacharya and establish healthy habits that bring awareness.

Dinacharya - The Daily Routine

Wake up Early
Kapha = 6am - 10am and 6pm - 10pm
Pitta = 10am -2pm and 10pm – 2am
Vata = 2pm – 6pm and 2am – 6am

Establish gratitude and an affirmation for your day.

Clean the face eyes and mouth.
Splash the face with luke warm water.
Wash the eyes with cool water.

Drink water first thing in the morning, either room temperature or warm.

Empty your bowels

Scrape the tongue, from the back forward about 12 times.

Clean your teeth.

Gargle, with salt water and turmeric or warm water.

Lubricate Nostrils (Nasya)
With your pinky finger, massage warm ghee or oil into each nostril.

Clean the body.

Massage Oil to the Head & Body (Abhyanga)
A practice of self-love. Massage warm oil to the extremities and move towards the middle of the body. Long strokes for the limbs and circular motions on the joints. Use circular, clockwise motions for the abdomen and chest.

Yoga or tai chi.

Quietly sit for deep breathing exercises.


Breakfast time!