Like many people in our bright screen oriented society, I am a night owl.  My mind is sharpest when the sun is absent.  Mornings are always a slugfest with myself, but our society promotes activity and productivity at the sign of daylight.  In result, my mornings are unpleasant, rushed, and often hard to recall later on in the day.  It is as if I had a subpar dream that was easily forgotten the second I woke up.

Since I started working at Goodyoga, I always had a Friday morning 10am class.  When I first heard of my the class time slot, I thought of the times in college when I had to go to a 10am class.  Most mornings, I came in feeling like a zombie after rushing to get up and go through my commute.  Often times arriving a few minutes into class.  Now that I’m a teacher, it was apparent to me that I had to not only be early, but also be in a state of mind to teach.

The only class before that is Amy’s Mysore Ashtanga class.  It made sense to practice before teaching.  I soon started to recall, the first time I observed her class.  Leaving the house at 6:00 to drive for what I thought would be an hour with traffic, turned out to be 2.  I remember the frustration, the stress building within my body, and vocally releasing it within the confines of my car.  To stay in a teaching mentality, I had to leave before the rush hour.  I soon figured out that if I leave any later than 5:30, I’d be in for a world of traffic hell.

I can easily recall that first Friday morning.  The only hardship was physically getting up.  The drive was pleasant and quiet.  I arrived around 6 o clock. Took my time to look around the stores and the architecture of the buildings around me as I walked to my Mysore practice.  My practice became slower, more focused, and engaging.  Losing that extra 5 minutes of unpleasant sleep in my bed allowed me to gain a much restful 15 minutes of savasana. Amy would eventually label me as the “savasana king”.

The time between classes allowed me to explore the neighborhood, drink some tea, and appreciate the garden in the back.  The class went well and I still had enough energy to explore the neighborhood.  It was the first time in a long time where my mind was active so early in the morning.  I was able to engage with my environment and started to grow a connection to Greenpoint as a whole.

NYC in particularly, rewards those that keep “busy”.  Cramming as much as you can within a day and having just enough time to jump to the next thing.  In result, time to oneself is neglected and the transitional journey becomes an obstacle.  So have the time to take your time.  Conform to your pace.

Enjoy the transitional process.