inalare ... esalare ...

I am a NYC based 500hr certified Vinyasa and Prenatal Yoga Instructor from Italy.
I was born and raised in Milan but my dad is from the beautiful southern island of Sicily and my mom is from a little town in Tuscany. I have worked in fashion, as a very busy stylist, for many years until I discovered yoga and my life changed. After a few years of practice I decided to become a teacher to help others live happier and healthier lives.

Federica brings energetic Vinyasa sequences to her classes that will leave you feeling energized and ready to take on the day ... kind of like a shot of espresso without the jitter.

As part of my trainings I have studied Chinese Medicine, Seasonal Practices, Ayurveda and Thai Massage. I teach Vinyasa Yoga sequences that harmonize the inner rhythms with the energetic movements of each season and give particular attention to alignment and breath. I love giving adjustments to help my students better understand the actions of the asanas, find balance and deeply relax into the poses. Part of my personal practice includes mindfulness meditation (Vipassana) and Metta (loving kindness to all beings without discrimination), both of which are infused in my classes.
I am eternally thankful to my teachers Leigh Evans, Summer Quashie and Sri Dharma Mittra. 
Favorite pose: Headstand!