Goodteachers Flannery & Kent team up every weekend to bring you an enhanced yoga experience with an epic soundscape. 

Saturdays @ 10am Goodpoint
Sundays @ 10am Goodwyck

Every generation has their entertainment duos — Simon & Garfunkel, Siegfried & Roy, Clinton & Trump. Now it’s our time!

Kent employs classical guitar and an assortment of actual bells an whistles to create a multi-layered soundtrack which will help you forget how hard you are working. Flannery will guide you through her signature class, opening with a chant of 9 ohms, then a 90 second meditation before progressing to a simple yet challenging sequence that will help you master essential poses. If you have not yet experienced Flannery's detailed instruction and sense of humor then why not take advantage of this 2 for 1 opportunity and be the envy of all your friends.