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Independently owned by Native / Mexican American Raymond Gonzales &
Feminist Atheist / Vermonter Flannery Foster since 2009.



By Meghan Cass | April 22, 2010

Be it bars, beehives or urban farms, in Greenpoint everything is better on a roof. And now yoga can be practiced en plain air at local arts complex Goodpoint, which hosts clandestine classes on a rooftop studio three stories above Calyer Street.

Work It Outdoors

Here's where to get fit outside for the rest of the summer.

By Randi Eichenbaum | July 20, 2010

Although a handful of the alignment-based Vinyasa classes are held on the rooftop throughout the day at this Greenpoint yoga studio, you're often able to see the sun setting over the Manhattan skyline at the 8 p.m. class. The Thursday-night session, taught by the studio's founder, Flannery Foster, includes live music.

goodyoga nyc: reimagining yoga, living & work spaces

By Roseanne Harvey | September 10, 2010

A visit to New York City on the Labour Day weekend was transformed into a relaxing urban retreat, thanks to goodyoga in the Greenpoint neighbourhood of Brooklyn. Weekend accommodations in a yoga studio? Yes! Well, actually, it’s not that simple.

The Juice is Loose!

By Carlos Escobar | February 9, 2011

So what's going on right now? Well, the juice is loose! I'm endeavoring to take on a 28 day juice cleanse. Just after New Years I successfully managed a 7 day cleanse that involved 3 days of juicing. Frankly, I've been eating so clean that it hardly felt like a struggle at all, but of course, struggling isn't the point.

6 Creative iPad Uses for Small Retailers

By Lauren Drell | August 14, 2011

We all know iPads make great presentation devices and are excellent for business travel and chock-full of useful apps. Now, let's focus on retail businesses — shops, salons and restaurants that use iPads to better service customers.

From Happy New Year to GoodYoga

By Ravi Kumar | October 25, 2011

If a pair of strangers had not met on New Years Eve of 2009, Good Yoga would not exist in Greenpoint.

That night, Flannery Foster, 33, went to a party at the apartment of Ray Gonazales, 34. The apartment looked like a loft with white walls and a skylight illuminating the rooms. “ I joked with Ray that this place will make a good yoga center,” said Foster.

yoga for new york says sit tight

By Michael Laskaris | November 6, 2011

On Friday, October 17, a group of yogis gathered at Yoga Union to discuss pressing issues in the NYC yoga community. The meeting was led by Alison West, Yoga for New York’s  Executive Director, and was broadcast via live webinar for out-of-city yogis. She opened with three OMs.


Curated by Samantha Best | July 7 – December 15, 2012

An exhibition of works made while living and working at 73 Calyer Street,

The exhibition There is Fine presents a selection of artist/musician Peter Van Riper’s work from 1983-1998, when he resided at 73 Calyer Street. Most of the works on view are exhibited where Van Riper either created or hung them.

High-end Yoga Studio Opens in Bushwick: GoodYoga

Katrina Hybenova | January 17, 2013

You would expect anything but the sweet smell of burning incense when you get off the L train on the Jefferson stop. But the smell only grows stronger as you walk up the steps to Wyckoff Ave and, we assure you, you are not imagining it. The incense belongs to Good Yoga that opened in December 2012 in Bushwick.

Bed-Stuy Yoga Studio Expanding With New Juice Bar and Cafe

By Paul DeBenedetto | March 1, 2013

A Bedford-Stuyvesant yoga studio is getting ready to expand to a new cafe, complete with a juice and kombucha bar.

Good Yoga is renovating the garage in the back of its 602 Myrtle Ave. storefront to make room for the new shop, called Goodies, which its owners say will help improve the level of community involvement in the studio.

Meet Teacher Flannery Foster

By Carly Sachs | April 19, 2013

Balancing Life, Yoga And Business From A Brooklyn Rooftop

In our hustle-bustle city , things happen fast. It seemed the same was true for Brooklyn-based Good Yoga; all of the sudden they had three studios in Greenpoint, Clinton Hill, and Bushwick.  After talking to Flannery Foster who co-owns them, Carly Sachs found out that what made it seem so fast and effortlessly put together was the luck of finding the perfect partner (romantically and otherwise) who had the same clear intentions and conscious sense of the community for creating a studio.  Then they went at it!

“Keep It In The Family” – goodyoga Offers Franchise Opportunities

By Jen G | July 15, 2013

“I want everyone in the world to do yoga!” goodyoga owner Flannery Foster said as we enjoyed cupcakes at Ovenly along with her partner and goodyoga co-owner Ray Gonzales. With plans to franchise you may see more goodyoga studios opening up locally, and perhaps nationally and maybe even internationally if Flannery has her way.

goodyoga Has A New Space on Greenpoint Ave & The Wythe Hotel!

By Jen G | September 19, 2013

goodyoga owners Flannery & Ray are so zen that while you were doing your goodflow you probably didn’t notice there was an annoying landlord dispute happening at the Calyer St space. They are putting all that bad energy behind them and have moved into a brand spanking new space at 114 Greenpoint Ave and are hosting classes at The Wythe Hotel (80 Wythe Ave) in Williamsburg! And there is talks of a sauna!!!

Greenpoint Power Couples – Flannery & Ray, goodyoga

By Liz F | February 14, 2014

Since it’s Valentine’s Day, we are featuring two power couple in our series. First up – Flannery Foster and Ray Gonzales of goodyoga, an excellent place to flex some yoga muscle on Greenpoint Avenue.

Free Yoga in North Brooklyn Parks all Summer!!!

By Gina | June 5, 2014

Is there anything less appealing than a sweaty yoga indoor class in 80 degree weather? Nothing against Yoga to the People (they will always hold a special place in my heart), but I’d much rather get some fresh air in my system while the weather is fine.


Goodyoga Flips Teacher Payment Structure On Its Head

By Esme Hoffman | May 17, 2016

If you’ve been to Goodyoga, you know they’re doing something right. Their app makes class sign-up easy, their down-to-earth teachers blend alignment with humor, and their prices beat everywhere else.

jeanette keisar

By Jim Catapano for Yoga Sleuth | July 25, 2016

It was a sweltering midsummer Saturday in busy Bushwick, and Yoga Sleuth was glad to find the spacious Goodyoga studio, right above the Jefferson L, comfortably cool. But Jeanette Keisar promised that with the upcoming core work we'd be back to sweating in no time!

Aww! The 28 Amazing Stories Behind These Couple-Owned Studios

By Lindsay Tigar | February 10, 2017

Flannery Foster and Raymond Gonzales
Owners of goodyoga in New York

How they met: They met on New Years Eve 2008 when a mutual friend had two tickets to a My Morning Jacket concert at Madison Square Garden.




yoga is for everyone


Absolute Beginners are encouraged to start their practice here.

  • Perfect if you’ve never taken a yoga class before or haven’t in a while.
  • It is completely appropriate to ask questions during A’s.
  • Students recovering from injury or illness will learn modifications.
  • Pregnant students are welcome. Let the teacher know your good news, please.


Beginners and students who prefer a slower pace will like these.

  • Most beginners will benefit from 3 months of B’s and E’s before moving on
  • Students recovering from injuries and illness will benefit from the slower pace of B level classes
  • Experienced students are welcomed to choose more challenging variations, when appropriate
  • Pregnant students are welcome. Let the teacher know your good news, please


Challenging postures and sequences will be explored.

  • C’s almost always involve vinyasa, synchronizing movement to breath.
  • Students will become familiar with The Sun Salutation (“Surya Namskar”).
  • Advanced variations of poses introduced in A and B level classes will be practiced.
  • Students are welcome to practice basic versions of the postures.
  • Deep back bends and balancing poses will be practiced.
  • Arm balances and Inversions will be explored.


Demanding. Definitely not for Beginners.

  • D level classes are intended for students with a regular practice of at least one year.
  • Arm Balances and Inversions will be practiced, often in the context of a vigorous flow.


Everyone is encouraged to attend these well rounded sessions.

  • Poses are taught from the most basic version with variations added for those who wish.
  • Pregnant students are welcome. Let the teacher know your good news, please.



Yoga classes that feel good

Mysore and
*Led Ashtanga

Jump forward to the Mysore page
In a Mysore Ashtanga class, each student memorizes the Ashtanga Yoga sequence and comes to develop a daily personal practice with the one-on-one guidance of a teacher. The entire Ashtanga sequence is taught in class over a series of classes. Since each student is taught individually, each progresses at his or her own comfort level.

*Led Ashtanga classes are offered at our Bushwick location, and are part of our regular goodyoga schedule. Simply look for ‘goodflow ASH’. These classes are INCLUDED in the Ashtanga goodintro as well as Ashtanga memberships.


Absolute Beginners should start here.

A five week series:

  • Standing Poses
  • Forward Bends
  • Twists
  • Backward Bends
  • Inversions

If you attend goodintro every Saturday for 5 weeks, you’ll be ready to attend any B or E level class. Poses are taught in a precise manner and questions are encouraged. You will never feel lost in goodintro, no matter how inexperienced or inflexible you may be. Experienced practitioners will find this class therapeutic and well paced for injuries or pregnancy.


Vinyasa Flow
Vinyasa means “to place in a special way,” though in modern usage it has come to mean “moving with breath.” Simply put, each breath will be paired with a movement.


Vinyasa Flow
Our experienced students crave a vigorous flow. Get rosy cheeks, dewy skin and a blissful body buzz with our well-paced vinyasa class.


Vinyasa / Therapeutic
Seems the most common request from our goodyogis of late is for poses that counter “iPosture,” the painful rounded neck, shoulders and ribcage caused by long hours on our devices. Reverse the curse! Embrace your practice with open arms and leave with an open heart.


The key to healing back pain is to build strength in the spine and abdominals. Asanas practiced in this class will help you to gain the support needed for a happy and healthy spine. Regular practice should decrease back pain; it’s as simple as that.


Pilates Fusion
Incorporating Pilates techniques, goodcore emphasizes the role of the trunk muscles in every manner of poses. Your crows will be lighter, your jump backs will be weightless and navasanas will be seaworthy!


Vinyasa / Restorative
Challenge yourself for 45 minutes and reap the reward of deep restoration with supported postures, Essential Oils and hands-on adjustments for the remainder.


Completely passive and seriously luxurious. You’ll forget you have a body after 75 minutes of hands-on adjustments, Aromatherapy and absolute stillness. In winter months, hot stones are used to warm your heart and extremities. In summer months, fragrant Hydrosols humidify the air around you.


Tension melts away as we gradually progress from simple stretches to deeper expressions with more time in each posture than usually afforded. With ease instead of effort, you’ll extend beyond your expectations.



"Accessible, friendly, inviting and it's always your choice if it's a great workout or simply a relaxing and meditative session."

—Francesca G. March 20, 2017


"Accessible, friendly, inviting and it's always your choice if it's a great workout or simply a relaxing and meditative session."

—Francesca G. March 20, 2017


Can I cancel my membership?

Our INTROYEAR Membership is the most generous available.

You may pause your membership anytime for a minimum of 2 weeks, up to 2 months!

Move beyond our bordering zip codes and we’ll cancel your membership with 30 days advance notice and proof of address.

Cancel prior to the end of your INTROYEAR commitment for any other reason and you’ll simply return the discount you received for the months that you were enrolled. For example, if you choose to cancel after month 6, we’ll charge you based on the $150 per month Unlimited Membership rate. A final charge of $450 ($150-$75=$75 x 6 months = $450) will relieve you of any further obligation.

That said, we can’t think of any reason you’d want to cancel. Tell us how we can satisfy you. What class times, levels and styles do you prefer? Give us feedback to guide our teachers and our hiring process. We’re committed to serving you.

Can I get a refund on my goodyoga purchase?
All services have a 3-day window for refund. If you use it, obviously you spent it. After three days, there are no refunds on workshops, single classes, or class packs (see membership information below). Sorry. We have to pay people the mullah to give you outstanding yoga classes.

Do my credits expire?
NO. Single class and class packs do not expire. If they go inactive, email to reactivate.

Refunds will be issued only if requested within 3 days of initial purchase. Email to initiate a membership refund. Goodyoga offers installment and prepay options for memberships. Prepay is not discounted more than 10% of the monthly installment pricing as stipulated by laws governing bond securities and health clubs.

When do you open the studios?
Studios generally open 15 minutes prior to the start of class. You might get lucky one day and find a teacher there early, but don’t panic if someone isn’t there.

Can I leave my mat at the studio?
Yes! As of September 2nd, 2014, we offer a $10 a month mat storage fee with a $5 one-time tagging charge. Cancel at any time, return your tag, and take your mat home. We would love to give it for free, but we are running out of space.

Do you have a class schedule I can take home with me?
Nope. We are a digital company. Download the goodyoga app on your smart phone for easy registration!

I was registered for a full class and my spot was given to someone else. Why?
Registered students should arrive at least 10 minutes before class. A few minutes before the start of class, if you have not arrived, we will likely offer your reservation to someone on the waitlist or a drop-in. Students can help by de-registering from class if they are unable to attend.

I am on the waitlist. Should I still come to the studio?
It is not unusual for students register for a class and then not show up. While we cannot make guarantees, we are often able to accommodate people on the waitlist. Please help by remembering to cancel your reservation if you plan on not attending.

My favorite teacher isn’t on the schedule. Why?
It’s the nature of yoga studios in an urban environment to have constant fluctuation of the schedule and the staff. Needs change, people grow, teachers find new paths, but we say farewell with gratitude in our hearts. goodyoga prides itself on finding warm and caring teachers. We listen to student feedback and do our best to deliver. If you have thoughts, email us. We are happy to listen.

I got to class 6 minutes late and the door was locked. Why?
For the safety of our students, we have to lock the doors after class starts. We generally wait about 5 minutes after class begins. If you've arrived late and the door is locked, join us for the next one. No hard feelings.

How long do I have to de-register from class before I am charged?
goodyoga does charge for last minute cancellations. You can cancel anytime up to ten minutes before the start of class with no charge. Our unlimited members enjoy the perks of not being charged the class credit. All the more reason to become a member.

NO REFUNDS after 3 days of purchase on memberships. Credit can be offered if circumstances are appropriate at the discretion of management.

Please read contracts carefully before accepting the terms. We do have a cancellation policy, as well as a freeze policy. Make sure you understand it.

30 days notice is strongly recommended as stated in contracts for freeze requests. We do not retroactively freeze memberships. Limit of 60 days freeze, no exceptions. No transfers of memberships.

I’ve never done yoga before. What classes should I take?

Welcome to goodyoga and congrats on your practice. Look for goodintro A, any B level classes and E levels to start. Get to know the teachers and find someone that you connect with. Make sure to do our INTROYEAR special.

Does goodyoga have mats to rent?
We have mats available free of charge. Just find the black mats hanging on the racks. Be sure to wipe them clean before and after use, just to be safe.

refund policy

ALL goodyoga services have a 3-day window. If you use it, obviously you spent it. After three days, there are no refunds on workshops, single classes, or class packs (see *membership refund information below). Sorry, we have to pay people the mullah to give you outstanding yoga classes.

membership refund policy

Refunds ONLY if requested within 3 days of initial purchase by writing to goodyoga offers installment and prepay options for memberships. Prepay is not discounted more than 10% of the monthly installment pricing as stipulated by laws governing bond and health clubs.

NO REFUNDS after 3 days of purchase on memberships. Credit can be offered if circumstances are appropriate at the discretion of management. Please read contracts carefully before accepting the terms. We do have a cancellation policy, as well as a freeze policy. Make sure you understand it.