• Goshen, NY 10924
One of the most memorable experiences in my life! It’s hard to put into words what it truly means to disconnect. Flannery, Ray and Ashby made it possible! - Mari

Labor Day

with Tiffany - SOLD OUT

@ our very own retreat space!

Just 90 minutes from our family of 4 Brooklyn Studios, Goodyoga brings you Goodnorth for your rest & inspiration. Spend a weekend with goodyoga founders Flannery Foster and Raymond Gonzales at their converted pony barn, situated on a 12 acre victorian estate outside of Goshen, NY. Literally close to but figuratively miles from the city, goodnorth offers as much or as little activity as you want. Take class with NYC’s best teachers & enjoy 3 locally grown meals daily, including eggs from chickens living on the property. Explore the Hudson Valley on foot or bike & reserve a spa treatment to recover!