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Full Moon in Aries

Bright emotions

Moon in Aries is an egotistical time. People are self-focused and act quickly, following their current mood. Subconscious thoughts, influenced by bright emotions, easy give an expression of our actual feelings.

Impulses and impatience

Impulsive moves, caused by rashness are common for the Moon in Aries time. People are impatient, searching something new, more exciting and interesting. It is very difficult to perform routine duties, requiring patience and perseverance.

Physical energy and enhanced activity

Moon in Aries brings peak of physical energy and enhanced activity flow to this days. Spend all this concentrated energy and precipitation, by dedicating your free time to sport activities and active relaxation. It is a great time to physical exercises, but watch out for traumas. Be very careful, when dealing with sharp and incisive objects, and when you driving too.


Do not surprise of your spontaneous impulses of initiative and creativity, but channel this into beginning of something new or just make a renovation. Try to focus on problems, which have a quick solution and manage your work with fast decisions. Plan short-term matters that will not get you a dull time. Benefit of respecting the independence of the others.

Family and friends

When the Moon transits Aries, people tend to show quick temper and exaggerated sarcasm. Try to hold this impatience, as much as you can. Be careful in the relationships with family and friends, because excessive impulsiveness and not considered actions may lead to a conflict situation.


Moon in Aries marks days of increased metabolism. You may notice a significant rise in the body heat energy and the muscular tonus too. Physical exercising is the key to provide all this energy with its expedient outflow. It is better to avoid surgical intervention in the area of head, brain and eyes. Visit to the dentist or hairdresser may be postponed for later too.