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Your INTROYEAR begins automatically upon the expiration of your INTROMONTH. 
In the unlikely event that you haven't adopted a weekly habit, CALL 929.399.GURU (4878) BEFORE your INTROMONTH expires and the 1st month of your INTROYEAR is charged.
If our service has failed you in any way, we will end your commitment BEFORE your card is charged.
In short, you have 28 days to use us or choose to lose us.

If you are aware of circumstances, other than the quality of our service, that would prevent you from honoring the fair terms of our Introyear Contract, guru@goodyoga.com has an affordable solution perfect for you. 

If you have already enjoyed your Goodyoga or Mysore INTROMONTH, you are still welcome to enjoy our

Obviously, if you have already enjoyed a discounted INTROMONTH, you are not eligible for another. 
Please do not create multiple accounts to practice at our introductory rate more than once.
The above action constitutes both theft and fraud, which are, of course, illegal, and antithetical to the practice of Yoga.

Please text or call 929.399.GURU (4878) anytime to discuss your options.


unlimited goodyoga classes

First Month

Each of next 12 months

$75 per month

Prepay for an extra month!

$900 for 13 MONTHS

Benefits Include:

• 10% off Workshops & services


35% off after 1st renewal

50% off after 2nd renewal


unlimited goodyoga & mysore 3x weekly

First Month

Each of next 12 months

$175 per month

Prepay for an extra month!

$2100 for 13 MONTHS

Benefits Include:

• 15% off Workshops & services


50% off after 1nd renewal


unlimited mysore Ashtanga

First Month

Each of next 12 months

$150 per month

Prepay for an extra month!

$1800 for 13 MONTHS

Benefits Include:

• 5% off Workshops & services


15% off anytime



$20 drop in

Single Goodyoga class with Mat & tea


If you've previously had our Intro Month

$150 Per month

1 Month of Unlimited Goodyoga

$175 per month

1 month of unlimited Mysore Ashtanga


Hour for Hour Work Exchange




Get $5 off each membership when one member pays for the whole family. guru@goodyoga.com can help you out. Text or call 929.399.GURU before the end of your INTROMONTH to unite your INTROYEARS!

Teacher training Scholarship

Earn up to 50% off the full price teacher training just by renewing your Introyear. 


Your membership may be paused at no cost for a minimum of 2 weeks up to 2 months annually. For any duration exceeding 2 months, you may pause your membership for 50% of the prorated daily rate.


Perkville rewards you just for showing up, even if you're not a member. You'll earn discounts everytime you drop in, check in on fb or share a discounted Intromonth with a friend!

PERKVILLE Instead of prepay

Our membership is so affordable, we can't discount our single class rate any further than we already do AND sustain the quality of our service.

Furthermore, we discovered that students abandon Prepaid classes more than they use them, even when we eliminated expiration dates and reminded them to use them!

We want to see you every week. Be a member ;)

After your INTROMONTH, when your INTROYEAR contract terms apply, all cancellation requests must be made in writing 30 days in advance of next billing cycle. In the unlikely event that you choose to end your commitment, you will be charged the difference between the discount you received versus the full price of the service and term you originally committed to. 

Your INTROYEAR is set to renew at the end of your commitment, granting you a FREE MONTH upon renewal and another year locked in at your original rate, even if prices increase! You may change this setting anytime by contacting guru@goodyoga.com.

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I can always trust that the instructors are excellent and want nothing more than for you to have the practice you want. The goodwick location is spacious, full of natural light and very organized. Coming to goodyoga was the best decision - I walk away from each class glowing!
— S.N. March 28, 2016