January 12th – May 26th, 2013

A personal and professional development discipline, good300 addresses the strengths and challenges of your practice to ensure that both you and your students are fulfilled and expanded.

Recent graduates of any 200 hour certification and experienced teachers at the 200 hour level will benefit from our highly indvidualized approach to training. We address your progress in an organized and supportive manner.

Confident asana teachers may want to focus on increasing your mastery of anatomy and therapeutic benefits and contraindications or perhaps it’s time to explore philosophy in greater depth. New teachers may want to master hands on adjustments, while experienced teachers are developing a workshop about The Myths of Asanas or refining an inspired advanced flow practice. We’ll help you establish goals and guide your progress.

good300 is scheduled individually with some flexible group commitments on a regular basis.


blog post on assigned and inspired topics
respond to a classmate’s blog

3 Mysore sessions
2 additional classes
Observe Assist Mentor twice
Group Mentor session

1 Individual Mentor Session
1 Two Hour Workshop

Friday, May 24, 12 – 6p

Saturday, May 25 8 – 10p
Graduation Celebration

$2500 paid in full by December 1st, 2012
$2750 paid in full by January 1st, 2013
$3000 paid in 20 $150 installments (1st due at time of commitment) by 03/16/13

Important Details
Tuition includes goodashtangi membership for duration of training.
Rooms are available at goodyoga for those joining from out of town.
Tuition does not include books. Please order your books at WORD, borrow from the library or buy used from The Strand.
Absences may be made up in future trainings.

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