Challenging Yourself

Challenging Yourself

What does it mean to challenge yourself in the context of yoga?

Written by goodteacher Kent

Spaces for Members

All 3 Studios Available on Friday and Sunday Nights for Members to Sponsor Arts & Community Events like:

Film Series
Book Clubs

Goodnights must be Hosted by a Goodyear Member and be offered to Goodyear and Goodintro Members for FREE

Admission for Non Members is a $40 Goodintro Month Membership OR $20 Drop in Membership.

Are available for rental at all locations from 6p-Midnight. Rate varies according to usage.
All 3 Locations are available for weekday usage between scheduled classes.


Goodyear Members may rent space for $25 per hour, minimum 2 hours at any location. Rate is for rehearsals and activities that do not generate income. Preference is given to activities that benefit Goodyear Members.

We are open to hosting income generating activities that may or may not align with our offerings, but under separate arrangement.

Please inquire with

Eager to receive your proposals!

GOODBREATH! 3 ways to catch your breath

GOODBREATH! 3 ways to catch your breath

If you have ever taken a class at a yoga studio, chances are that you practiced breathing techniques that originated from ancient yogic traditions which serve as guidelines on how to live a meaningful and purposeful life. Many of these practices, including the breathing techniques discussed here, were recorded in the 15th century as the Hatha Yoga Pradipka, a sort of manual on hatha yoga

Written by goodteacher Jeanette