1. Locations
We have 3 studios in Brooklyn to serve you.
Start by choosing which studio you would like to visit.


2. Levels
goodyogi: Can I ask a personal question?
You: Yes goodyogi, I would love it.
G: Can you hold Urdhva Dhanurasana for 10 breaths?
Y: Ummm, no. Can you?
G: Of course, but I’ve been practicing yoga asana since the 60s. I only ask to gauge your experience LEVEL. goodyoga has classes for every experience level, whether you’re an Absolute Beginner or a seasoned yogi.


3. Styles
Yoga is a fairly broad term encompassing everything from physical postures and breathing techniques to meditation and ritual cleansing practices. At goodyoga we teach a little bit of everything. Take a look at our class styles to learn the difference between a goodflow and a goodintro.


4. Ashtanga
Steeped in history and tradition, Ashtanga is a logical sequence of poses that will transform your body and mind. This practice is often associated with twisty, bendy, acrobatic feats of strength, but the sequence is designed for everyone.


5. Teachers
Now that you know Where, What and How you want to practice, it’s time to consider Who will teach you. Every goodyoga teacher brings his or her own education and experience into the room. You can learn a bit about each teacher by browsing the teacher list.


6. Rates
You’ll find our pricing competitive and designed to reward students who practice frequently. For those busy schedules, we have flexible packages without expiration dates.


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