goodstudent of February – Lorette

Meet Lorette, our goodstudent of February. Lorette has been a dedicated goodyogi for almost a year now. I have watched her practice grow and expand in strength, grace, and awareness. In addition to our practice, my student and I share an affection for cats, we recently learned on a chance run in with the above […]

goodteacher of February – Rachel

Our goodteacher, Rachel, is 1 of our 4 co-managers and graphics guru. She updates all the poster images you see around the studio and she’s often the one writing these ​introductions to the goodteacher of the month. Rachel is a dedicated, mindful teacher who is hosting goodtrip to Las Galeras, Dominican Republic in a few weeks. Rachel’s […]

goodsleep – Yoga Nidra meditation

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Hello and happy New Year, goodyogis! We are super excited about our new class – goodsleep, with goodteacher Casey. Here is some valuable information about Yoga Nidra. What is Yoga Nidra? Yoga Nidra is an increasingly popular mind-body therapy. The practice promotes ultimate relaxation with full conscious awareness. Whoa, what a concept! When we sleep, […]

goodstudent of January – Edyta

We are excited to honor goodstudent of January, Edyta! Her calm demeanor is a pleasure to have around the studio. But don’t let the zen vibe fool you, her yoga practice is a force and her dedication shows. Edyta, we are honored to have you part of the goodyoga community! Here is an opportunity for […]

goodteacher of January – Casey

Casey deserves honor all the time of course, but January is especially dedicated to him and his teachings. If you take Casey’s classes, chances are you are a regular. If you have yet to join him in practice, make it happen! Casey guides lovely sequences that are equally mindful and energetic. He brings a sense […]

goodcleanse: a preview

Our goodcleanse workshop will help you balance body, mind and… heart? soul? spirit? Whatever you call it, you may be wondering just what this process is all about. Take a sneak peek at the goodcleanse manual, by co-founder Flannery Foster, below. goodcleanse: The Root by Flannery Foster Ideally, all of our actions create balance in […]

goodstudent of December – Rachel Lifter

goodstudent of December – Rachel Lifter is most likely goodyoga’s leggiest student (without even having to measure) – Rachel Lifter is goodyoga’s goodstudent of the month, chosen by Andrea – goodteacher of the month. Rachel started joining Andrea’s classes at our Clinton Hill studio, but as the studio unfortunately had to close down, Rachel loyally […]

goodteacher of December – Andrea

Say hi to goodteacher of December- Andrea! If you haven’t taken class with Andrea – you MUST –  not just because of her lush Hungarian accent, which is a pleasure to your ear, but also because of her experience in therapeutics and her unconventional postures and sequencing that will hit you soul like pure conditioner. […]

Amy is November’s goodteacher of the Month

We are happy to announce that Amy is November’s goodteacher of the month. It just so happens that November is also her Birthday month! Amy has been doing yoga since 1999 where she first discovered Ashanga yoga. In 2003, on her third year of study at the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute in Mysore, India, she was […]

goodstudent of November – Zachary Johnson

Meet Zach, November’s student of the month chosen by Amy. We asked Zach why he likes goodyoga and how his 200-hour teacher training is going. “Before starting at goodyoga, I mainly practiced at gyms in Manhattan. When I started attending Mysore Ashtanga regularly at goodyoga, I noticed not only a change in my practice, but also […]

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