Beginning a Mysore Practice


Beginners to Ashtanga, regardless of general yoga experience, must observe a Mysore Ashtanga class for 30 minutes, anytime, at any studio, prior to their first practice.

If you have an established Mysore Ashtanga practice, you may skip both Observation and Orientation and attend your first session anytime.

Orientation & Schedule:

Following Observation, beginners must attend Orientation:
Thursdays at 7:30 AM

Monday – Friday from 6:30 – 8:30 AM
Sunday 8:30 – 9:45 AM

Led Ashtanga
Beginners Mon & Fri: 8:45 – 9:45 AM

Meet Your Teacher
Amy Santos teaches at Greenpoint and Bushwick studios. She is authorized by Guruji Sri K. Pattabhi Jois to teach the Ashtanga Yoga Method.

Orientation & Schedule:

Following Observation, beginners must attend Orientation:
Fridays at 7:30 AM

Mon, Wed & Fri: 7:30 – 9:30 AM

Led Ashtanga with Amy Santos
Challenging Tue & Thu: 10 – 11:15 AM
Demanding Sun: 12 – 1:30 PM

Meet Your Teacher
We are pleased to have Vanessa Baish teaching at the Bushwick studio. She has practiced Mysore Ashtanga for 10+ years and is currently working on the 3rd Series. Stop by to say hello!

Minimum Requirements
To observe the cumulative effects of your Mysore practice, you should attend at least 3 classes per week. You may arrive anytime during the first hour of class.

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